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We do supply raw organic food or dry fruits and vegetables from our projects also from reputable organic dried mulberry farmers and dried fruit suppliers in Turkey to dried fruit distributors, dry fruits importers, and small importers in dry fruits business, healthy dried food groceries, dry fruit companies in Uk, USA and Europe as bulk dried fruits, dried fruit snacks or dried mixed fruit in small dried fruit packs Izmir Organic offers organic dried products such as sun-dried mulberries produced from dried mulberry fruit, dried raisins, organic apricots, dried nuts, figs dried, organic tahini produced from organic Turkish sesame seeds or buy organic sun dried tomatoes please contact us or check the list of organic dried fruits, vegetables and all organic products here. We do combine benefits of the organic food and the benefit of drying fruits and vegetables in the sun.

about our company

Izmir Organic was born out of our desire to produce reliable organic and sustainably-grown clean food in 2008 as the exporter company of Yaban Foods. In order to reach to the unique raw materials in the world , we have decided to establish our production at Aegean Free Zone in 2011.

Here our advantage is we can export and import all the raw materials without any obligations. 

Today we do supply the products such as dried fruits & vegetables, nuts, spices and other products coming from Turkish and other organic projects abroad such as Uzbekistan, Iran, China and Afghanistan. 

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about aegean free zone

The Aegean Free Zone, the Turkey’s #1 Export Processing Zone is located in Izmir/Turkey at the crossroads of the European Union and the burgeoning economies of Central Asia and the Middle East.

An Export Processing Zone (EPZ) is an Industrial Park where most trade barriers, e.g., tariffs, duties and quotas are eliminated; government red-tape is minimized; and attractive financial incentives are offered to attract new business and international investment.
EPZ’s are generally labor intensive manufacturing centers, where imported raw materials or components undergo some degree of processing before being re-exported

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our product range

Please check out our unique flavors. You will see our whole range with the details by clicking here. 

All Our Products
Sun Dried Tomatoes

Our Organic Production

Izmir Organic Company

The economics of organic farming, a subfield of agricultural economics is very important. Not only paying the high value for the organic certified product compared the market price, we balance their revenue against the price decreases at the market apart from our profits. If the farmer believes in the organic production with this continious revenue and trust, He will have no other believe like increasing the quantities with conventional methods

All our projects located in places where the soil is fertile, away from the city centers, small towns where people care about the sustainable living.

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Not only mulberries

premium mulberries

IZMIR ORGANIC is the only Turkish supplier that has its own organic dried fruit projects. Please check the photos, features and the prices of white, brown, dark and black premium organic dried mulberries.If you are looking for a supplier and dont know where to buy dried mulberries, you are at the right place.  

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Golden Sesame Tahini

Made from Turkish Seeds only

IZMIR ORGANIC is the only Turkish producer using Turkish Golden color Sesame Seeds in Sesame Tahini. Please check the photos, features and the prices.

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Anatolian Goji Berries

Turkish Organic Goji Berries

IZMIR ORGANIC is the only  supplier that has its own organic goji project. Please check the photos, features and the prices.

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